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Borscz Hair

Borscz Hair is a hairdressing salon we believe that environmental responsibility and a good business model will increasingly work together for both sustainability and the bottom-line.

Our customers in Neutral Bay on the Lower North Shore share this and except that our environment, sustainability and organic/natural ingredients is as important as beautiful hair.

Borscz Hair uses the finest Aveda products, and continually strives to do things differently, recognising the individuality of each client and matching a colour and style to suit their lifestyle.


Borscz Hair has retrofitted all the downlights in the salon to energy highly efficient lighting LED (light-emitting diode), 4 watts per bulb

We have replaced our old 50W halogen with LED 4 watt equalling 12 LCD bulbs to one old halogen bulb.

LED light bulb that can last up to 30,000 hrs and emit very little heat, reducing our cooling bill in summer.

Switching to low wattage LED light bulbs is one of the easiest, cheapest and most convenient thing we have done. We are taking responsibility for our energy consumption and green-house gas emissions.


At the salon we recycle as much as possible, we reduce product waste with (tube wringers) and clearly labelled recycling bins (coffee pods, aluminium, packaging etc.)

Nespresso's capsule recycling program in Australia used capsules, Nespresso has introduced resealable recycling bags and recycling canisters for your convenience.

Our planet is by far more important than any amount of money we save.


We have installed EcoHeads to wash hair – reducing water use by up to 56%

We are dedicated to conserving our environment and introducing to our industry more environmentally friendly solutions for a sustainable future.

North Shore Metal Recyclers Artarmon NSW

Remember that by recycling you are not only helping the environment we help the economy as well.

Every piece of metal that you recycle is one less piece that ends up in a landfill and money in your pocket!

Becoming more sustainable

LED (light-emitting diode) Lights

Energy Efficiently

Using your energy efficiently is an excellent way of saving money through reduced power bills and saving resources through reduced reliance on power.

An energy assessment with Better Business Partnership is a great way to understand the behaviours and amount of energy used within your business.

Areas to investigate are lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, hot water, compressed air, kitchens and office equipment.

In the meantime, there are a selection of useful resources to help your business lead the way in becoming more sustainable.

Aveda Colour

Full Spectrum

Aveda full spectrum hair colour is up to 99% naturally derived* using plant power instead of petrochemicals for amazing colour that you can feel good about.

With conditioning certified organic botanical oils; sunflower, castor and jojoba.

This helps to support organic farming which follows strict standards of agriculture that are better for the Earth.